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Issue #2

I think there's character limit for issue description on server side, so there's full text if it get's clipped:

refering to:

Again, I stand by that this time is not correct. If site showed time in local timezone of visitor then such behavior would be correct (because it converts time to IV bot local time, effictively making it UTC+0).

But this site shows publication date regardless of visitor/viewer time zone. It would be nonsense to assume that it's UTC+0 (which is required by perfect template checklist), since it's not used ANYWHERE in Russia.

IV converts publication_date to local time of viewer/consumer, so IV bot/generator must know correct time in UTC+0, on which this template can't be trusted/relied on. This can lead to articles "from the future", for example if article was posted on 23:00 in UTC+3 (Moscow time), IV bot uses 23:00 value as if it's in UTC+0 and then adds 3 hours on top, because my (viewer) time
Andrew A.
Again, this was already addressed in the previous contest. Figuring out the timezone based on some special knowledge is NOT required.

And the checklist DOES NOT say UTC date is required. "The IV editor‘s ’Preview‘ section will always show the date/time in UTC format" - WILL show, if you specify it, not MUST show. "It is possible for a perfect template to display a date/time that looks different than the original." - POSSIBLE, but not required.
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IV page is missing essential content
Feb 6, 2019