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Issue #3

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On this page, you preserved link on the first image, removed it from other 3.
What's the difference?
All images on this page have the same type of link - link to the same image on a separate page.
If you want to preserve these links then to that for all images which have these (data-)permalinks, not just for some of them. Or remove them from all images.
How do you know that link on first image important, but on others not... Absolutely same type of links.
Check, please.

I think that this is unnecessary and I removed it from all images.
It's always unsafe removing links from images even that link ends with .jpg/.png/etc., you can check this issue

But people always reported my template for not removing those links. So I made a compromise here, if image link starts-with current page's canonical url, then it gets removed, the first image link was kept because it starts-with other page's canonical url.

Don't be so sure of it, you know it's hard to find a counter case - I guess that's why people are always so sure of what they're doing since it would take me a lot of time to find a counter case.

It's easy for me to remove them all, but it's hard to not to do it.
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This seems to be a reasonable way to handle image links
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Mar 27, 2019