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Issue #1

Andrew A.
1. Here, a template is rejected for NOT using <pic> inside <blockquote>:

Admin there has a good point: if you exclude an image from a blockquote, its context would be lost.

As I understand, there rejections (both linked by you and me) are single cases, and generally, most admins consider OK both formatting styles.

But would be funny if my template gets rejected for a solution that other admins consider the only acceptable one.

Honestly, it's an endless debate which solution is better—seeing templates rejected for any style while there are no clarifications in the rules is damn puzzling.

(If you're concerned about image stretching—it happens only on web; in IV, it looks OK.)

2. Sometimes on this site, an image is _in the middle_ of the quote:

So, if I don't use <pic>, the quote would be torn apart.
Accepted by admin
In that case it was recommended to format that image as <pic>, because it's very small, icon-like in the original article. See:

In this case the image isn't small and isn't icon.
Regular images must not be formatted as <pic> since it's not possible to open, zoom, share or save them in the Telegram viewer.

Regular large images must be detached from blockquote - it's common practice for the contest. It's not critical that quote will be "torn apart"
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 9, 2019