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Issue #3

Missing image author (open site in separate tab to see it – in the right side). Check my template.
Fjalla Jokull
it's not critical
Accepted by admin
All the captions should be preserved
Fjalla Jokull
I apologize for distracting from other issues, but why? If you look closely at the code of the source page, it becomes clear that caption in generated IV does not include only source link for this photo (<div class="source"> in original page) and according to this is not acceptable issue. Also in many other templates admins says that this is optional information in caption (for example The important aspect is that caption descriptions are preserved here
Accepted by admin
Thank you for the comment. I'm afraid your examples are not entirely relevant:

1. 6.7. in the checklist means things like "based on this and that article" in the body of the article.
2. This issue doesn't mention captions — it's about a paragraph in the body of the article that mentions photo attribution.

For captions, we have very clear guidelines — all captions must be preserved, regardless of their content, in their entirety. This was introduced because many sites publish photo sources under half of their photos and actual descriptions under the other. If we started accepting issues submitted for one page and declining identical issues submitted for a different page, it would have created a world of confusion.

So the decision stands, even though personally I agree that in this particular case they could be omitted.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Jun 19, 2017