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Issue #1

the IV must add an image link to the full version of the image. (Infographics)
you can use width and height attributes
1. It's more like a long picture of cover a newspaper or magazine.
2. Not identifiable ( This image doesn't have a special class , id or attribute, which says that its a infographic, also this article doesn't have a special section on this site. Detect by @height or @width attribute is not reliably, because it is may be a simple big image, and after may be created issue what not removed "href" on image etc. Becides, 1920px - is not height of classic infografic, it's less (classin infographic 4000px and more)
3. This image is perfectly loaded, the size of the image is not so big to create problems or not to load it.

6.2.6 Infographics [...] If there is no reliable way to identify such images and they are not consistently featured on the website, it is acceptable to leave infographics as ordinary photos.
Declined by admin
The picture is readable on mobile devices, it doesn't have a special class, so it's acceptable to leave it as an ordinary photo.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 7, 2019