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Issue #2

Wrong datetime. Author of this template used a current time. Look next issues to see the ever-changing time. Remember, it's 23:18 and look next issue
Fran Košec
I have explained this here:
and here:

I'm parsing the relative date the user sees, so "4 hours ago" is converted by @datetime function and may oscilate by +/- 1 hour since it's imprecise. But it's still better to use that than <meta> data which chan vary by days, or even weeks (see previous issues).

Time is optional and it doesn't matter if it's +/- 1 hour, it's important we get the date mostly correct, which my template does. The only way to do this is to parse the relative date the user sees, which you selected in your report - "4 hours ago".
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Marked as duplicated by mistake. This is the first one.
Both reporters are right: your template isn't able to display the correct time (see provided examples). The time will be always incorrect since "4 hours ago" format doesn't provide info about minutes.
Since the publication time is available in meta, it must be used in this case.
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But feel free to provide examples where pubdate from meta is critically different in appeal.
Fran Košec
Please reconsider because the reason I'm using the displayed time is <meta property="article:post_date"> is often wrong, and here are some of the examples:
He was using datetime from <meta post_date> here. There are more issues and articles like these. Some were even showing dates in the future! On some "post_date" was dated after "post_modified".
Check those two properties on this very article!

The question is: Do you want the time to be off by +/-1 hour in the first 24 hours of the news article being posted (after that it changes to exact time in minutes), or do you want to have many articles with dates off by days or weeks?

I still believe my solution is right. You can't know when the <meta> data will be wrong, so we should use the displayed time on the page to be absolutely sure.
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Apr 14, 2019