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Template #1 Issue #4
May 21, 2017
this is a static article pages. so, you should add a condition for this page to make this a page for IV mode.
Accepted by admin
Template #1 Issue #5
May 21, 2017
it should be a normal photo, not cover photo. because it has a caption. in your case, the caption in hiding itself from user.
Accepted by admin
Captions need to be preserved.

Cover images support captions as well.
Template #2 Issue #1
May 22, 2017
Checklist: 3.1. General properties → Author must be shown on IV page if an author is specified in the source.
Accepted by admin
Template #5 Issue #1
May 25, 2017
it is an article-like page and should be in IV mode.
!! !!
Have you read my previous reply?


>>> 1. IVs must only be generated for pages that need them
>>> You must make sure that your template only generates IV pages for articles and **does not affect service areas of the website**

I think that "About" page is a service area of the website.
Declined by admin
About pages are optional when they have no interactive materials. It is ok to either include them or ignore them in IV.
Template #5 Issue #2
May 30, 2017
"Important: We will accept issues requesting to generate IVs for pages with content previously deemed unsupported if you include a link to a template that fully supports the content in question."

there is a table with (max) two column. you can convert it to a div. here is my template, you can check this on my template:
Accepted by admin