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Issue #1

Missing image link to infographics src. Without link it unreadable on mobile phone screen, you can chek it, image in IV will be compressed. Infographic can be reliably detected on this site by 'alt' text

6.2.6 Infographics:

Tall infographic images are currently unreadable in Telegram apps. If there’s a reliable way to identify them (e.g., consistently used attributes or a specific section on the website that only contains infographics) the IV must add an image link to the full version of the image. If there is no reliable way to identify such images and they are not consistently featured on the website, it is acceptable to leave infographics as ordinary photos.
Deleted Account
Identifying this thing by text is not a reliable way.
Declined by admin
Identifying by alt doesn't seem to be reliable way, especially since the alt is duplicating the article title
Accepted by admin
On the other hand the site has a special section for infographics, where all pages have the same [Infographics] in titles. There are a lot of them, they all have the same formatting (one big image on the page) so in this case we should to identify them by [Infographics] in title. Otherwise a lot of articles from this site will be unreadable
Deleted Account
Oh please, it's a multi language site and this pages are "infographics" just in english section. What should we do about those then? , identify this page by "info" in the title? , by "图表新闻" in the title? , identify it by what?
Accepted by admin
"What should we do about those then? "

To support as many as possible
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Apr 30, 2019