Processed Issues4

This page shows a list of issues for that were approved or declined by our admins.

Template #1 Issue #1
Jun 2, 2017
unsupported element
Accepted by admin
Template #8 Issue #1
Jun 7, 2017
Missing cover image caption. Slideshow not in place, caption is lost.
Accepted by admin
The caption is missing and the slideshow should be at the bottom of the article.
Anton's template handles it better:
Template #10 Issue #1
Jun 8, 2017
The article is all right, IV needs to be created.
Dima 🌿
Contains unsupported element — nuotrauka::1
Declined by admin
Issues regarding articles with unsupported content may be considered if they include a link to a template that handles the disputed content well (including all photos).
Template #12 Issue #1
Jun 11, 2017
The original article has a second photo that is missing from this IV.

The photo is supposed to show between the highlighted elements.
Accepted by admin
All essential content must be shown (including all photos), otherwise an IV should not be generated.