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Template #3 Issue #1
Jun 3, 2017
Missing caption
The source website originally automatically prepends the following text "AS/ -" even if there is no valid caption. On my opinion, this text is completely redundant for IV template.
Declined by admin
The important part is that the caption description texts are preserved, which they seem to be for this article.

If you notice that caption description text gets broken somehow, such as in another article, due to this method, please resubmit the issue.
Template #3 Issue #2
Jun 18, 2017
Target page
First of all, I suppose the both sides realize that there are to many <table>-like content such as rating, characteristics, feedbacks, overall stats etc.

Honestly, it can be parsed easily but the main problem is that it will be totally unreadable. We can make sure by checking this link on Pop Xert's template. It works, content are present, but softly speaking it looks ugly and user unfriendly.

There are different block for voting, checking comments, checking similar tests. And this important part of the content will be unavailable due to complicated structure.
Declined by admin
Template #7 doesn't handle this page in a proper way so far. It seems to be a better solution not to generate IV at all.
Template #7 Issue #1
Jun 18, 2017
The article is about comparison of monitors, but the comparison block isn't present at all
Accepted by admin
Template #3 Issue #3
Sep 24, 2018
Moi sa fonctionne pas
Declined by admin