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Template #1 Issue #1
Jun 5, 2017
Cover image caption missed.
Accepted by admin
Template #2 Issue #1
Jun 13, 2017
Caption for pictures is presented as separate paragraphs (more precisely, it is not represented at all, the author missed this moment), so it may appear that this text does not refer to the pictures.
Also, empty paragraphs weren't deleted.

This template handles in better:
Accepted by admin
Dooks did it better:
Template #4 Issue #1
Jun 14, 2017
Image captions missed. It was a bad idea to delete them all because next time they can be different.
Declined by admin
It appears that this website doesn't use this formatting in a consistent way. It's acceptable to ignore one-off custom formatting choices that only appear in one article. If you think this case is more wide-spread, kindly resubmit the issue with more sample links to demonstrate this.
Template #4 Issue #2
Jun 14, 2017
Image captions not handled by this template. This is the same issue which was reported by Dooks on my template ( My opinion is to leave them as they are because you can do this infinitely - specific pattern is absent. So I want my template set back to main candidate.
That is not captions! That's paragraph's.

Each such paragraph refers not to the previous photograph, but to the next. Open your eyes, dude.
Declined by admin
Template #4 Issue #3
Jun 16, 2017
Text under images lost in IV format. Dont pretend to see these blocks as a captions, but text should exist
Accepted by admin
Template #5 Issue #1
Jun 16, 2017
Its headings, not figcaptions. Translate the text - its about restaraunts and paragraphs after these "captions" tells about particular restaurant
Accepted by admin
Template #8 Issue #1
Jun 19, 2017
Caption missed.
Accepted by admin