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Issue #6

Rudimentary symbol
Interesting case. This is the article on the ES. subdomain. Let's look at Checklist ch. 6.5.1:
Subdomains that present content in a similar way to the higher level domain must be supported.
If a subdomain looks like a separate website, supporting it is optional.

Since you sent the issue, you can see that the content is presented differently. Time/Authors/Comment display in different ways.
This is not a translated version of the main site (adding ES. will not redirect to the same article but translated)
It seems to this subdomain is no longer active/supported:
- Googling this site for the period from Dec 2016 to today doesn't show any results;
- "Disqus" shows the last comment to articles is dated Aug 11, 2016;
- The latest author's blog article is dated Jul 29, 2016;
- Header's links to Twi/FB is not active. YouTube leads to a person's channel.

In my opinion, based on the Сhecklist (6.5.1) and the fact that this site has ceased to function, support for the subdomain ES. is optional.
Accepted by admin
Either way you support the subdomain correctly without rudimentary content or do not support it at all.
Ok. Thank you, I'll not support it at all.

But I'm also asking you to check a little bit more links from this sub-domain for the Winner #119 or any other candidates.ño-electoral.htm

Shouldn't the Winner (#119) generate subdomain correctly or do not support it at all, too?

Thank you.

I know It's very annoying and you have a lot of work
So, please, excuse me and Soleimani for throwing poop into each other. =/
This can be considered the influence of a new limit of 72 hours.
Accepted by admin
We don't accept issues for other templates in appeals. That's unfair to other participants, since they're unable to answer and to prove their point. Also all participants had at least 3 days to properly report issues.
Type of issue
Rudimentary content not removed
Mar 5, 2019