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Issue #4

According to: this image should be a cover, BUT this issue declined by a mistake and here is why.
First of all - semantic values. This image caption, for example, sounds like "Kelet-Európa útja... (way of East Europe...)" and caption below sounds like "...és Nyugat-Európáé. (... and West Europe)". They are in contact with each other and ripping off one of them not looking good.
Secondly - source code. There was template author's argument in declined issue "Image has class article-lead-pic", but <img> have no classes, table which contain <img> do. And more - every table in article which contains <img> have class "article-lead-pic".
And third - there is pages on this site with real covers. Here, for example:
So, in the worst case, this page cover must be taken from meta, but not from the middle of the article.
I see your points, and actually agree with them. Made it this way because of the class name, but it's indeed better leaving it the article. Commented out the related line of the code
Accepted by admin
While in general it still is acceptable to use this image as cover, it probably is better to not do that.

Since the template creator changed this behaviour in his currently winning template, we will accept this issue so that the issue creator gets his share.
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Feb 14, 2019