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Template #1 Issue #1
May 24, 2017
There is no requirement for author name
Kolia Stm
True, site creator wish to hide post author name from each post.
Accepted by admin
Template #3 Issue #1
May 26, 2017
There are no video view link. You need add them
Accepted by admin
The original article contains unsupported embedded video:
Template #5 Issue #1
Jun 8, 2017
There are need to remove social buttons and counters
Accepted by admin
Template #6 Issue #1
Jun 13, 2017
Hi Ruslan , this page (and other like this) must not generated due to unsupported content. Test area. Good day to you.
Ruslan Rustamov
My template gets only P tags within content. Therefore not shows the test content
Accepted by admin
Test is the main purpose of this page. IV page should not be generated:
Template #6 Issue #2
Jun 16, 2017
Hi, Ruslan. I believe, you should not generate generate pages with test cases. Instead, it is better to mark test container @unsupported. You may see checklist: ....2) According to you answer "My template gets only P tags within content." , I recommend to do not parse content such way. What happens next, if admin add to article for example <blockqoute> tag. Good day to you!
Declined by admin
Duplicated issue:
Template #10 Issue #1
Jun 17, 2017
Invalid author name
Accepted by admin
Template #10 Issue #2
Jun 18, 2017
Hi, those buttons must be removed. Generally, this page looks not accurate. Please, check other pages for same issues.
Accepted by admin