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Issue #1

First, you might want to check out my answer here :)

Now that we all don't know what will be admin's decision. Let's do what we think is right.

Since you're generating IV for, I would love to give some advice.

1. PC#263 could be included, it's kind of something date related, if you read the printed version, you might be able to guess the date from it
2. sometimes they include some other texts in header, for example check id="opis", I don't know what it is, might be part of the content
3. Again in the header, id="zaglavlje1", this might be cover, I checked multiple pages, they all have different header background, but thumbnails in list page shows they might not be, I'm not sure, it's up to u to decide.
Љубиша Беговић
Thanks for suggestions, I applied some of them.
- PC#nnn at the end of the page, logical (can't be part of the author)
- opis = description - that's lead paragraph
-zaglavlje1 - header1 - just header, not part of the main content

I apologize for repeating about reading, reading..., same issue and just copy/paste most of its content :-)

"The date of publication must be shown on the IV page if the date of publication is mentioned anywhere in the source (including meta tags)."

Anyway, there is a winning template which missing publishing date for too many (new, not old) articles (publishing date is available on the original page, of course).
For example:
Accepted by admin
Type of issue
IV page is missing essential content
Mar 18, 2019