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Template #1 Issue #1
May 29, 2017
share button not removed
Accepted by admin
Social media links should be removed.
Template #2 Issue #1
Jun 2, 2017
Images not properly parsed. Only tiny tiny icons are present
Accepted by admin
Template #4 Issue #1
Jun 17, 2017
empty spaces all over the articles(not just this) that are leftovers of removed content. They should be removed
Yuriy 🐼 Panarin
Not critical
Declined by admin
This is not a critical issue.
Template #4 Issue #2
Jun 18, 2017
one empty paragraph is alright but this is certainly rudimentary
Yuriy 🐼 Panarin
I think it is not critical
Declined by admin
Duplicated issue:

Besides, the original article has these paragraphs.